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January 2024
Seasonal broshures 2024
For a successful new season

Infect your customers with the anticipation of the start of the season and present your promotions and offers in a targeted manner.

Our seasonal broshures in three modern designs present new products, classics and trends - all that's missing is your logo! This will convince you that it is worth investing in your garden again this year.

With our broshures you can not only easily reach all households in the catchment area of ​​your nursery, but also leave an impression that lasts longer than just a brief moment. This way, you'll take advantage of the best opportunity to gain attention.

Here you find the new designs!

New Posts and Products
December 2023
Happy New Year
We are highly motivated for 2024 and looking forward to work on new projects and take on new challenges with you.
November 2023
BioPolymerLabel – The better bio-polymer material
Our new BioPolymerLabel material consists entirely of renewable plant raw materials that are produced in Austria and it has all the properties that are desirable in a plant label.
October 2023
Review Outdoor Photography 2023
We look back on a successful summer photography season and are happy about many new product-, arrangement- and mood photos.
September 2023
Your advertisement for Christmas!
We offer the opportunity to order our Advent postcards and matching posters, banners or advertisements again this year.
June 2023
New concept ideas 2024
In mid-June, we presented our new concept ideas for 2024 in collaboration with the Green Happenings gardeners at the second Green Happening.
February 2023
Seasonal brochures 2023
From just a logo imprint in black to complete adaptation of all pages - you can have your brochure customised to your needs.
January 2023
Best prospects!
Thank you for your visit at the IPM 2023 and your interest on our new concepts for plant sale.
New concepts
December 2022
„Tough times don’t last– tough people do!“ R. H. Schuller
Even though hard times seem to be ahead, we will work it out by trying even harder! We are highly motivated for 2023 and looking forward to working on new projects and taking on new challenges with you. We want to thank you for the past years and let you know how much we appreciate your continued support and business. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
November 2022
Nomination for the ECONOVIUS
We are very proud and pleased that we were nominated for this year's ECONOVIUS Award with our project "Circular PP - climate-neutral production of plant labels from 100% recycled plastic".
Official video
October 2022
Interview in the Radio broadcast “Ö1 Radiokolleg”
Kurt Hauser and Daniel Linzmayr were talking about consistent sustainable production with Circular PP in the series "Ö1-Radiokolleg, 9 x Austria - Explorations in Salzburg".
September 2022
Your advertisement for Christmas!
We offer the opportunity to order our Advent postcards and matching posters, banners or advertisements again this year.
July 2022
Innovative concepts for plant sale
Plant concepts for different target groups and situations in retail.
May 2022
Be good plant beefood
We support beekeepers and their bees. For Renner Print+Media, bee protection starts with beekeepers.
April 2022
Not bad, Mr. Woodpecker!
WoodyLabel - printable birch wood with a natural feel and recognisable wood grain speak for themselves.
March 2022
Consistently sustainable
Renner Print Media and Circular PP are now climate-neutral!
January 2022
Seasonal brochures 2022
From just a logo imprint in black to complete adaptation of all pages - you can have your brochure customised to your needs.
December 2021
Ein Wort mit großer Bedeutung.
Nach einem weiteren herausfordernden Jahr schätzen wir uns glücklich, mit tollen Partnern zusammenarbeiten zu dürfen. Gemeinsam können wir auf ein produktives Jahr zurückblicken, in dem wir Dank Ihnen an vielen erfolgreichen Projekten mitarbeiten und uns weiterentwickeln konnten. Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihrer Familie alles Gute für das neue Jahr!
November 2021
Adventshooting 2022
Unser Fototeam kennt jetzt schon die Trends für die kommende Weihnachtssaison.
October 2021
Es war an der Zeit, einige Bereiche unserer Website aufzufrischen, upzudaten und neue hinzuzufügen.
September 2021
Ihre Werbung für den Advent!
Wir bieten wieder ein attraktives Set aus Postkarten, Banner, Aufsteller, usw. für Ihre individuelle Adventwerbung an.
August 2021
Grafikdesignerin und Kräuterpädagogin
Wir gratulieren unserer Kollegin Christina Fink zum ausgezeichneten Abschluss der Kräuterpädagoginnen-Ausbildung!
July 2021
Neue Aktionsflugblätter auf
Mit den neuen 2-seitigen, A4 großen Flyern können gezielt Aktionen (z.B. Abverkauf) beworben werden.
June 2021
Welcher Stab passt zu meinem Etikett?
Ab jetzt finden Sie alle gängigen Stabvarianten im Vergleich auf unserer Wesbite!
May 2021
Auf die Terrassen-Plätze, fertig los!
Wir starten in die Freilandfotografie-Saison mit vielen neuen Ideen und spannenden Konzepten.
April 2021
Verkaufsraumgestaltung Gartenwelt Schacherl
Die Gartenwelt Schacherl in Bruck beauftragte uns mit der Konzeption und Gestaltung des neuen Verkaufsraums.
March 2021
Jetzt neu: Rahmenaufsteller
Variabler Rahmenaufsteller für den Innen- und Außenbereich. Optimal für die Präsentation am Tisch geeignet.
February 2021
Neue Produkte für EC-Container
Crowner und Dreieecke für Themencontainer, zur Bewerbung spezieller Konzepte oder Aktionen am EC.
January 2021
Sieger „Energy Globe Award Salzburg 2020“
„Circular Print" (100%ige Kreislauflösung bei Pflanzenetiketten) ist Sieger in der Kategorie „Nachhaltige Kunststoffe“.
Our Mission

All life on our planet depends on the presence of our green fellow beings. As printers, designers, photographers and gardeners we combine our skills to inspire for plants. This brings nature and humans together to a certain extent.

Our roots lie in the art of printing, invented by Johann Gutenberg. The soil on which we grow is the gardening industry. We owe our growth to our committed employees. The fruit are enthusiastic customers.

This company exists because hardly any advertising company shares this enthusiasm for plants. It is the combination of gardener, printer, designer, photographer.


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