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Renner Print+Media Innovationlab.
Challenges inspire us to find optimal solutions!
Our innovations solve everyday problems in plant trade.

Every season, our customers are challenged to present their standard product range and new varieties in an exciting way. That's why we are constantly thinking about how we can get ahead of the times. We not only develop innovative products for the salesroom, but also combine them with a design and plant concept. To do this, we usually start with concept and photography one season in advance. We implement most of these in our show garden, where more than 5000 plants are looked after by gardeners. All this results in our !nnovationlab - a fictional space to develop contemporary and creative plant marketing for garden centres of tomorrow.


Innovative concepts for plant sale
Impulse buy, DIY or problem solving?

These are precisely the questions we investigated as a cooperation partner with "Green Happens" and ten renowned production companies. This has resulted in different concepts for different target groups and situations in retail. We have made it our goal to provide retailers with innovative ideas that promote sales and increase turnover. As a professional in communication and design, we were thus able to work with specialists from the horticultural sector to develop concrete, tried-and-tested plant concepts that inspire in the stores and deliver what they promise in sales and gardens.


Here you find an overview of the concepts.

Plant Labels made of real wood

Not bad, Mr. Woodpecker! WoodyLabel - printable birch wood: the natural feel and recogniseable wood grain speak for themselves and make WoodyLabel the ideal material for eye-catching and special plant displays. Best of all, WoodyLabel is FSC certified and self-decomposing.


Circular PP
The sustainable material for plant labels from circular economy

Ecological plant labels made of plastic - is that possible? With a great deal of pioneering and research spirit, we at Renner Print Media have dealt with this question. Circular PP was developed, a label material made of 100% recycled material that saves over 80% of CO2. Circular PP is considered a European flagship project of the circular economy and was awarded the Energy Globe sustainability prize. 


Little material with great effect.

Potcrowner offer the possibility to perfectly stage plants in all different pot sizes. This is noticeably more cost-efficient compared to the pot cover. That is primarily made possible by the smaller amount of material used and the simpler way of mounting it on the pot.

Material und Print:
• cutting die individually adapted to the plant pot
• tear-resistant, 100 % recyclable PP
• UV- und water resistant


Frame poster
The chameleon among display stands.

Variable frame display stand for indoor and outdoor use. Ideally suited for presentation at the table. Due to its height, the poster is not covered by plants. Can be used in portrait or landscape format. 


Design for succulents.

Fresh, modern and fun design concept for succulents. An eye-catching pot crowner with different motifs really draws attention to the succulents.

The concept for popular bee plants.

Implemented products:

Salesroom Design
• CC-Container
• Creative Display
• Floor Display
• 3D-Display

• Labels on stick
• Stick-in labels

Print media
• A6-Flyer

Packaging design
Cut herbs packed innovatively.

Attractive packaging design made of paper. Development of packaging and design for cut herbs.

Our Mission

All life on our planet depends on the presence of our green fellow beings. As printers, designers, photographers and gardeners we combine our skills to inspire for plants. This brings nature and humans together to a certain extent.

Our roots lie in the art of printing, invented by Johann Gutenberg. The soil on which we grow is the gardening industry. We owe our growth to our committed employees. The fruit are enthusiastic customers.

This company exists because hardly any advertising company shares this enthusiasm for plants. It is the combination of gardener, printer, designer, photographer.


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